Best Places to Fall in Love

San Antonio River Walk
Biltmore Hotel Pool
The pool at the Biltmore Hotel, Florida

Of course, you can fall in love anywhere –lost in the middle of Germany, at work, at a hockey game. Yet some places seem to set you over the top. They proved to be at just that right level of romantic atmosphere – authentic romantic atmosphere. These four spots are perfect for starting a romance – or rekindling the one you already have.

Room with a Romantic View

Rates start at $489

Imagine a room overlooking the pool that used to host Olympian Johnny Weissmuller’s pool party shows. Shimmering blue water surrounded by frothy green palms complements the Spanish architecture. No need to shimmy into a swimsuit, though, if you rent a room overlooking the pool.

The Biltmore in Coral Gables, Florida, is an elegant resort with old-world glamour. Babe Ruth has teed off on their golf course. Built at the height of the Jazz Age in 1926, the National Historic Landmark sits on 150 acres of verdant tropical land.

Lounge in your room overlooking this storied pool surrounded by tropical beauty after an indulgent couples massage at the spa. Share a bottle of champagne, or enjoy breakfast in bed.


Secluded Fireplace

Suite rates start at $1,100, $3,300 for the Girijaala suite
Amangiri Resort
Private fireplace with desert view

Snuggle in privacy with your own fireplace in the middle of the desert. You’ll feel as if the two of you are alone in the whole world.

Amangiri, which means “peaceful mountain,” nestles into a valley of Canyon Point, Utah. The sweeping vistas from the resort include painted rocks and wide-open skies. The dramatic environment inspires awe – and has been since the beginning of time.  The resort blends into this peaceful vista.

Suites include uninterrupted views of the valley, plateaus, dunes, cacti, sagebrush. The best suites feature desert lounges, intimate spots protected from the rest of the world by high walls and the infinity of the desert. Rent either the Girijaala suite or the Amangiri suite for a private fireplace right on your desert lounge. Hold hands by the cozy fire, feeling like you’re the only couple in the desert.


Scenic Bridge

Open daily
San Antonio River Walk
Romantic bridge along San Antonio River Walk

Did you ever fantasize about being in “The Bridges of Madison County?” Well, turns out you need to head south – all the way to San Antonia, Texas, as a matter of fact.

A popular couple’s activity is taking a stroll along the River Walk.  The walk meanders along with the San Antonio River, heading under overhanging trees and, of course, over bridges. These stone treasures are low to the water and offer romantic views of the river and the town.

Walk hand-in-hand along the San Antonio River Walk, stealing kisses under the overhanging trees. Go at night, when the city is lit up. Pause at the apex of one bridge with low sounds of faraway Mariachis providing backdrop and the Texas sky above you.


Dimly Lit Bar

Bemelmans Bar
Bemelmans Bar inside the Carlyle Hotel

Talk about retro glamour – step back in time into an Art Deco lounge. This lounge is filled with intimate, brown-leather banquettes cozying around a black granite bar. Mid-century starlets and moguls once rubbed elbows here.

Bemelmans Bar, inside the Carlyle Hotel in Upper East Side New York City, has been hosting couples since the 1930s. Tuxedo-wearing waiters still serve charmingly old-fashioned drinks, as well modern specialties. Madeline storybook characters watch over the scene, or perhaps just enjoy soft jazz from the baby grand piano.

Rendezvous over a Carlyle Manhattan or a Champagne Dream cocktail while sitting side-by-side on a banquette. How can you help but fall in love?

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